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“The Mystique of Enlightenment”


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The Radical Ideas of U. G. Krishnamurti

“U. G. Krishnamurti claims that he cannot help us in our quest for enlightenment. Paradoxically, I find this refreshingly helpful. This work is an expression of U.G.´s exquisite mastery in penetrating the many illusions to be found on the spiritual path. I highly recommend it.”
– Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, host of National Public Television series, Thinking Allowed

The Mystique of Enlightenment is a scathing critique of contemporary spirituality by one of its most unusual figures, U.G. Krishnamurti. Highly regarded in India and Europe, his books have been translated into nearly every major language. U.G. was raised to take on the mantle of guru, much like J. Krishnamurti. Obsessed by the enlightened state, U.G. finally came to believe he was himself in the “natural state,” as he calls it, after a series of dramatic physical and psychological phenomena occurred.

The Mystique of Enlightenment is considered to be the best summary of U.G.´s ideas, and it includes the astounding story of his life. U.G.`s is an original voice, through which much of modern spirituality is understood in a new way. His words are an inspiration for all of us to face our assumptions and motivations and discover for ourselves what is true.

“A compelling and candidly personal story, this is as much a philosophical critique of contemporary spirituality as it is an autobiographically based guide to better understanding the universe without and within. The Mystique of Enlightenment is fascinating, insightful reading for all who wish to metaphysically transcend themselves.”
– Midwest Book Review

“This is no book for the faint of heart or the casual reader. Readers who consider themselves enlightened or on the path to such a state will both connect to and disagree with much of what Krishnamurti has to say. These readers also will be challenged and intellectually stimulated.”
– New Age Retailer

“Categorizing U.G. is not easy. He has been called a guru, as well as the “un-guru.” U.G. Krishnamurti is the Don Rickles of religion.”
– Don Lattin, Religion Editor, San Francisco Chronicle


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