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“Business: The Ultimate Resource”


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The core of the database, this section contains over 150 strategic essays on best management practise across the range of businesse sectors. Incisive and contemporary views on topical business themes are covered by some of the world´s most influential management thinkers and commetators. The essays are cross-referenced to the tactical management action lists. The management action lists and check lists aim to give busy managers a practical way to solve everyday business problems. Each user-friendly, action-oriented entry contains a summary giving an over view of the key points to consider in each action list; quick answers to the frequently asked questions managers need to address when considering a topic; a step-by-step guide to the right solution (sample solutions are given for financial ratios and such specific Human Resources issues as bullying at work); information on how to avoid common mistakes and get things right first time; and information on the best sources of help in print and online.
Wiht concise overviews of the theories behind, and teh practise of, successful international business include core thinking, contributions and key works of management thinkers; explain the challenges faced and successes achieved by business pioneers; reflect the global nature of business and management today; and profile innovators in traditional, expanding and emerging business sectors. Comprising of more than 5000 terms with full, jargon-free definitions, the dictionary provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage fo key business terms and concepts. It is international in scope, and includes business English terms from around the world. Special features include: mini-essays for more complex concepts; biographical entries on key business thinkers and leaders; full expansions of abbreviations and acronyms; and extensive listings of the world´s stock exchanges and key financial institutions.

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2002 2208lk (hardback)


Jonathan Glasspool



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